How did this all begin?

How did this all begin?

After spending a little over two years in Michigan (aka our two years in the desert), Brian and I moved back to Dayton, OH in March 2014.  One of the three conditions I put on Brian for moving back to Ohio was that I wanted to once again get involved with the Greater Dayton Walk to Emmaus Community.  On May 13, 2014 I received a call from Sandy Hedge asking if I would be interested in being an Assistant Table Leader for Women’s Walk #94, September 18-21, 2014.  I was very excited to receive that call and invitation. I had just recently accepted a job offer with A.M. Leonard which didn’t start until June, so I didn’t know if I would have enough time built up for the days I needed off in order to attend the weekend experience.  I wanted to call my new boss to see if I would be able to have those days off, before committing to being on the team.  I felt a bit unsure when I called Chris Campbell. I had only spoken with her a couple of times and really didn’t know how to explain the invitation I received. I would have to ask for a couple days off before I even stepped foot in the office for my first day of work.  She explained to me that I should have enough time built up by that weekend in September and even if I didn’t, they would work with me to have the time off I needed.  Chris did give me one condition though; she said it would be okay, as long as I pray for her while I was there.  And so I did.

I was a Pilgrim on Women’s Walk #84 July 21-24, 2011 and Women’s Walk #94 was my first Emmaus team experience.  During the weekend experience, one of the items they talk about is the importance of share groups and staying connected to allow you to continue your Walk experience beyond your weekend.  I took my role as an Assistant Table Leader seriously and wanted to make sure I stayed connected with the Pilgrims from my table.  After our weekend experience, on Wednesday mornings I started sending out a Happy Hump Day Song, aka 😎🐫🎤.  It was just a little something to inspire them, brighten their midweek, and let them know that they were in my thoughts and prayers.  This went on sporadically for a few years before I started to become more consistent. I began adding some of my own thoughts to the Wednesday morning messages and started asking others if they would like to receive the 😎🐫🎤 and message.   The Wednesday message continued to grow and is really just about my walk with the Lord and how He shows up and makes Himself known to me.  People began asking me if they could share my message with others and I believe it was about mid 2017 that people started to tell me that I should put my messages in a book or on a calendar.  After being told multiple times, by multiple people over the past couple of years, I thought “Maybe I should do this.”  Being that I sent the messages out via text messages, I had to scroll back through years of text messages and try to retrieve as many messages as I could.  I was only able to go back to Wednesday, January 6, 2016, so that’s the starting point with my archived messages.  Feel free to scroll back through them.  There may be some that really hit home with you.  What I find interesting about them is seeing my growth not only as a Christian, but also my willingness to put fear on the back burner and speak more freely and confidently about my faith and growing relationship with our Lord.  At the time I’m writing this and launching my blog (January 1, 2020), I’m currently texting my Wednesday message to 66 people at 6:00 am EST and another 60 via two different private Facebook groups I belong to.  My goal for using a website approach with my 😎🐫🎤 message is to make it easier for you and I to share with as many people as possible, express your thoughts by leaving comments, and also be a time saver for me on Wednesday mornings as I’m getting ready for work.

My prayer for this website is that ultimately it is the Lord, Father, Spirit, and Jesus that you see, hear, and experience.  May your heart, mind, ears, and spirit be open to whatever it is that He is speaking specifically to you.

Thank you for visiting. Bless others and be blessed. :0)