Wednesday, April 4, 2018

😎🐫🎀 I’m not one that expects things from others and it’s not often that I will ask for help, support, or prayers for myself. Which is why I think it kind of catches me a little off guard and humbles me so much when these things happen without being asked for. They aren’t big monumental events, but simple, heartfelt, loving acts that the other person probably doesn’t even realize the depths they’ve reached. It’s in these simple moments that I feel God’s overwhelming love so strongly. A prayer I’ve been praying a lot lately is to feel, know, and acknowledge God’s presence. We all feel God’s presence in our lives. And quite often we know it’s His presence. But where I personally drop the ball is in the follow through of not always acknowledging His presence in the moment. Β You know how it is to have your friend by your side, even if you aren’t saying a word, just to feel the comfort of their presence. I don’t want to live without God’s presence in my life. And I don’t want those that I love to live without His presence in their lives. God has given me a story, one that is solely unique to me. His presence is woven in every moment of our story, which is why He asks us to share our/His story, both the good and the ugly. Β It’s hard to do, but pray that you no longer hide or deny the story God has given you. Acknowledge it and Him within it. It’s when we take our eyes off of ourselves that we are open to see and love Him. Β Bless others and be blessed.Β 

#CastingCrowns – Loving My Jesus

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