Wednesday, December 19, 2018

😎🐫🎀 “Serve in love, not out of obligation.”  Those are the words God used to wake me up Saturday morning.  Reading through the Gospel of Luke this Christmas season, I find time and again where Christ heals someone from their crippling situation. But heaven forbid it happen on the Sabbath.  Those that were so focused on the law could not see beyond the law to the person.  But Christ sees the person and shows us where true service comes from, love…Christ’s love.

It doesn’t matter if the task at hand is something that is expected of you or something you freely do, your attitude…your loving attitude, makes all the difference. People take notice and feed off of your lead. What kind of leader are you within your family, friends, co-workers?  The choice to serve in love is only an attitude away.

Start your day by sharing a loving touch with your spouse, child, or furry friend. Open a door for someone and share a smile with them.Β  Answer the phone with a smile on your face. They may not see it, but they will certainly hear it. Add a heaping cup of love to your dinner recipe. They’re all very small attitude choices that can change the world around you in big ways. Serving with an attitude of Christ’s love will change their life, as well as yours.Β  Bless others and be blessed.Β 

#Blanca – Echo

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