Wednesday, February 7, 2018

😎🐫🎀 The title of a class that Brian and I are working through at church is called Oremus, which is Latin for Let Us Pray. This week we are working through prayer, focusing on our spiritual senses and this was one of our discussion questions. “If you could be a part of a scene in Jesus’ life, which scene would you like to enter? Β I thought that was an interesting question. Think about that for a moment and if you’re willing to share, I would like to hear which part of Jesus’ life you would have liked to experience in the flesh and why.Β 

Today’s song is one that I like to crank up in the car and sing as loud as I can. I’m just in awe when I think about my favorite line of this song, “To You my future is a memory.” Β It’s incredible to think that God is with me and you every single breath of our lives. And He has walked every step of our journey before we even took one step. The joy, the pain, the sorry, the peace, He knows it all. Even the times we will reject and deny Him. But yet, He still reaches out to us, stretching as far as He can, hoping we will reach back for Him. Β Bless others and be blessed.Β 

#CastingCrowns – Already There

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