Wednesday, January 25, 2017

😎🐫🎤 We recently had a supervisor change at work, which means I was moved to a new team and new desk location. We sit in cubical clusters of 6 desks. I arrived early at my new desk Friday and as everyone came in, I greeted them with a smile and “Good morning”. I soon realized that this is not a morning group when I was greeted by grunts in return. On Monday I was working on the Emmaus schedule and it says “Arise with joy!!” Yesterday I mentioned the difference in seating locations to my supervisor and manager. My supervisor said none of her team are morning people. “But maybe you’re the person to change that.”  We can change attitudes, days, lives with the smallest acts of joy. I know I don’t normally wake up and ask “How can I change a life today?”  That seems like too daunting a task, but it’s really not. I’m continuing to greet my coworker with a smile and a joyful “Good morning’.  So, how will you change a life today?

#DannyGokey – Rise

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