Wednesday, July 25, 2018

😎🐫🎀 When you willingly open yourself to God’s will, it’s like putting a big bullseye target on your chest. When you accept and move in God’s will, Satan will attack you from all direction. Physically, emotionally, words spoken from a friend. He will attack your car, your home, your work, your relationships. But this past weekend, the depths of my understanding, trust, and belief in prayer was taken to a new level. Β For 72 hours, 21 pilgrims and 29 team members of the Women’s Walk to Emmaus were drenched in prayer. The lives that were changed, leaves me in awe of God’s mercy, grace, and love for me and you. Saying yes to God’s will is beyond measure compared to the wreckage Satan will throw at you. Β Thank You Lord for opening my eyes a little wider to your will. You have blessed me beyond measure, so that I may also bless others in your name. Β Amen!

#LincolnBrewster – God You Reign

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