Wednesday, May 3, 2017

😎🐫🎀 In the Catholic faith we celebrate Easter for 50 days (8 Sundays), from Easter Day to Pentecost Sunday. Last Sunday, which was the third Sunday of Easter, the Gospel reading was Luke 24:13-35. It was about the seven-mile journey two disciples took from Jerusalem to Emmaus. The disciples encounter a stranger on the way, who unbeknownst to them was the risen Lord. It was nearly evening when the approached Emmaus so they invited this stranger to share a meal and stay with them. It was in the blessing and breaking of the bread that their eyes were opened and they recognized Him. Oh, how blind we can be to God’s presence in our lives, but here’s what really struck me in hearing the Gospel on Sunday. It was evening, they hadn’t even eaten their meal yet and they were seven miles away from Jerusalem. But they couldn’t contain their joy. They left at once. Not after they finished eating. Not after a good night’s rest. No, they left at once to share the joyous news that Christ lives. Can you get excited about that?  Will you skip a meal and take a seven-mile walk (I think they probably ran) to share that Christ is alive and with us?  Or will you finish your meal, go to bed and maybe consider making the journey to share the Good News after you’ve had your morning java. I know what I have been doing and I know where/what the Holy Spirit is calling me to do. Do you hear Him calling you too?  Bless others and be blessed.  

#TobyMac – Catchafire

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