Wednesday, November 14, 2018

😎🐫🎤 Enjoying a campfire Sunday night, I was contemplating the value of friendships. What an incredibly important part of our lives they are and the blessings that are brought forth by them are immeasurable. Some friendships are like the kindling we use to start a fire; quick to ignite, leave their mark, but are also quick to burn out.  Then there are those medium sized logs that can sustain a fire and typically make up the majority of the flame.  Occasionally you’ll run across a larger, sold, thick piece of wood.  It may be in the fire awhile before it really takes off, but when it does, it gives great warmth and offers a pleasing popping and cracking sound. They are slow and steady burning, and not easily turned to ash.  

Each and every relationship we experience has a distinct place, time, and purpose along our journey.  This drew me to the thought: How do I honor God in these relationships He’s gifted me with?  Hmmm, that’s not a question I’ve really thought about before.  Realizing that each relationship is unique and will have a different answer, I thought a good starting point would be to consider:

1) How do I bring God’s presence into the relationship?

2) What else do I bring to the relationship? 

3) What do I receive from the relationship?

As we approach this season of thanksgiving, maybe take a few moments to thank God for the friendships He’s gifted you with and consider how you honor Him through them.  Maybe even consider sharing those thoughts with your friend. It just may be what they need to hear at that very moment.  Bless others and be blessed. 

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