Wednesday, May 29, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you. This past week I’ve continued my journey through Exodus. Starting in Chapter 25, the Lord gives Moses the incredibly detailed instructions for building a sanctuary for the Lord.  I remember years ago when I read this part it was fascinating envisioning the wood, the precious metals and gems, the cloth, colors and measurements.  I tried to build it in my mind. Another time after that, I remember thinking as I read…”Oh yeah, I remember that. That’s pretty impressive.”  But then I just kind of rolled through it, not really paying much attention.  I started to do that again this time, but God said…”Not this time, I have something more for you.”  

What’s the purpose of this tabernacle?  It was to be a place for our Lord to dwell among the Israelites, right?  He wanted to be in their presence and He wanted them to be in His.  A place that they would be able to approach Him.  The planning and detail He put into that tabernacle is impressive.  This got me to thinking how much more planning and intricate detail work He put into creating human life, you and me, in His own image so that we could and would be a tabernacle for Him to dwell in and with.  So that others could approach Him through you and you could approach Him through others.  Think about it, when you receive Holy Communion you are saying “Yes Lord, I want You to dwell in me.  I accept your true and holy presence into this tabernacle not to close You in, but to carry You and Your light to all those around me.  May Your words flow through me.  May Your presence be felt in my loving embrace.  May I acknowledge that it is You Lord that is the passion, love, and actions that moves me.”  Thank You Lord for allowing me to be Your tabernacle, Your holy dwelling place.  Bless others and be blessed. 

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