Wednesday, August 14, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  Sunday during Father’s homily he said something that was very sobering and brought tears to my eye.  I have to tell you, they weren’t happy tears, they were because of my recognition of failure. Father was talking about his first parish assignment as a priest and shared with us the prayer that lead pastor at that parish prayed before every Mass. “Lord, let me pray this Mass as if it were my first…my last…and the only Mass I will pray.”  I’ve had the blessing of attending many Masses over the years, but can I say that I prayed them as if they were my first, last, or only?  Let’s be real, I know for a fact that there have been times that I honestly didn’t even “pray” the Mass. I was a spectator, checking people out. Who was with who? What were they wearing? That person is annoying. The message isn’t what I was wanting to hear. And I’m sure we’ve all complained about the music from time to time. Being able to freely attend Mass every week is such an incredible gift, but as I once said, “A gift isn’t fully given until it’s fully received.”  I’ve been missing out on so many more blessings simply by choice. The Lord wants to share so much of Himself and other wonderful gifts with us, but we are so focused on ourselves that we can’t even fathom what we’re missing. I understand, you have no idea how one gift will lead to another. Sure, it would be easy if God said, “If you do these five things, you’ll get what it is that you are really wanting.”  Instead He is telling us, “Will you trust me with this one thing?  Yes, you will?  That’s great, because now that you’ve built that into your being, will you trust me with this?  You will, wonderful. See what you’ve been able to do because you trusted Me the first time?  Now, will you trust me with this part of your life also?  Yes!  I really like your willingness. Do you see how these three things didn’t seem to go together, but because of your trust and willingness they have completely expanded your horizons?  Will you trust me with this?  EXCELLENT!…”  He has a never ending list of gifts and blessings chosen just for you. But until you choose to accept them and open them to their fill potential, they mean nothing to you. Although they mean everything, even death on a cross, to Him. I know at times it doesn’t feel like it, but believe it or not, God is giving us all the control. Make wise choices.  Bless others and be blessed. 

#LincolnBrewster – God of the Impossible

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