Wednesday, November 27, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you. Last Wednesday I was feeling very drained and needed a refill of God’s presence. It had been months since I last walked at Charleston Falls and I knew that was where He was calling me to meet Him. I took a bit of a slower pace, just so I could breath in His presence and really look at and experience His beautiful creation around me. He gave me one lap around to clear my head and be open to what He had to show me.   As I started my reverse lap His words started to flow.

Think about one relationship you have that you experience 90% or more of your communication only through the written word, text messages, emails, and letters. Now wait a minute, did you really think about a relationship or did you just keep reading? (Imagine the Jeopardy theme playing in the background) Some things that came to mind for me were that I can have more contact, at random times, without having to truly commit to a response if I don’t feel like it, and that type of relationship is less personal. You may find some of these to be true for you as well.  What God was telling me was that I had stayed away from visiting with Him personally at the Falls for too long.  I have been reading His Word, which is a good thing, but by just being in His Word, there is so much that is missed. Think about it, when God create man, did He put a book in his right hand and say “Everything you need to know about Me is in there.”?  No, they walked together and talked together. I imagine they had some Father and son type discussion and laughed together over some of those strange looking animals He created. All throughout the Bible we read how the Lord kept coming back time and again to interact and have a relationship with His people. God created us to be in a personal, interactive relationship with Him.  He calls us to come play with Him, talk with Him, and even just sit quietly soaking up His presence. You know, it’s not just about you going to Him, He wants to play, talk, and sit with you also.  So much of your relationship will be missed if you don’t get personal and in His presence. As I was passing by the stream the thought came to mind, and I imagine you’ve heard this before, “You can never step into the same river twice.” That’s because it is constantly flowing and changing. Then He shared with me that I will never meet the same person twice. As I thought about that, I thought hmmm that’s very true. Our lives are constantly flowing and changing. Even with close friends, my husband, my children. From the time you part ways until you return together, both your lives have changed by the conversations you’ve had with others and things you’ve seen and experienced.  You could be apart for only two minutes and come back changed.  Yes, the written word can be a very convenient method of relationship, but I encourage you to seek and pursue some face time and personal interaction with the Lord. He never stops amazing me with what He tells me and shows me when we’re together.  I never want to leave our time together like that, but at some point I have to return to the reality of life as we know it here on earth.  But one thing is for sure, He loves you so much and can’t wait to be with you again. So much so, that He’s counting the minutes and seconds until you return to Him.

Bless others and be blessed.

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