Wednesday, February 26, 2020

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  Wow, what did the Emmaus weekend experience mean to me?  I listen to music when I’m getting ready for the day, but Monday I made a conscience choice to not be distracted by the music and allow myself to listen for Him.  I allowed the workaholic in me to relax and not even crack my work computer open.  When I got back to work on Tuesday, a coworker asked me how the weekend was.  I told her it was so good that I didn’t even crack open my computer on Monday.  She said “Yeah, I kept expecting to see something come through from you.”   

 It all started Thursday night when I met a new friend that I was so comfortable with that it felt I’d known her, her whole life.  When we met, I had no idea the healing He started in motion.  Saturday the Holy Spirit did some phenomenal works opening my eyes to an area that I had no idea I was holding onto so tightly.  I opened my heart to let go and in return found many hands reaching out to support me and an army of angels praying for me and with me.  Allowing that unrealized burden to be thrown into the sea of forgetfulness has lightened my step.  It’s crazy how things can weigh us down without ever realizing it.  But what’s even more crazy is when we grab some bate, a fishing pole, and charter a boat to bring us back to the deepest depts of the sea of forgetfulness to try to drudge up that which we were freed from.  It’s so easy to hash and rehash experiences in our lives, to feed off the negativity, and live in the muck and mire.  It’s time to burn the ships, break the fishing pole, and throw that bate to the gulls.   Leave that junk in the depts of the sea.  I don’t even want you standing on the shoreline dipping your toe in it.  Every decision we make to look in that rearview mirror blinds us to what lies ahead and sets us up for wreckage.  Make a clean break and don’t turn back.  Bless others and be blessed.

#ForKingAndCountry – Burn the Ships

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