Wednesday, March 25, 2020

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  Walking from the parking lot to my office yesterday morning, I was serenaded by a group of birds.  Ahh, breath in the morning.  The peace and calm of that moment brought a smile to my face.  Shortly before that, as I was driving to work the streets were less crowded.  Less vehicles speeding and darting between the lanes.  Heading home at the end of the work day, knowing that there is nowhere that I need to be, other than home…Ahh.  Have you noticed there are less emergency vehicles and sirens?  Can you feel it?  It’s as if God is saying “Just breath in My peace and I will give you rest.”  Rest…  That’s a hard thing to do when we have our days, weeks, months so packed with activities that we blink and a year has passed.  When we are unwilling to rest on our own, sometimes God will offer us a sabbath.  Jesus did some of His best healing during sabbaths.  And those Pharisees were always there to point it out, as if it wasn’t a good thing He was doing.  I know we’re all in this social distancing thing together for health reasons and maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed that people will swing wide when passing you, as if they need just a little more distance?  Okay, I get it, but something else I’ve noticed is that people won’t look you in the eye or smile when passing by.  I’ve also noticed that people’s attitudes have been kind of down.  I really hope it’s just me and you haven’t been experiencing this too.  Why is this?  It got me to thinking.  First things first, God created us to be in relationship with Him.  Second, He created us to be in relationship with each other.  When we don’t have balance in our relationship with God and each other, we can feel fear, darkness and depressed.  The birds of the sky may not notice a difference in this time of sabbath, but missing human contact will take a toll on us.  At this time, although we are to keep our physical distance, that doesn’t mean we should build a wall and block our spiritual connections.  Smile, greet each other, offer an air high five, or a complement.  Although they are not physical contact, they are still fuel to the spirit to brighten your day.  Hey, we are all in this together.  It’s not just Dayton, or Ohio, or the US.  We are all in this together.  One world.  Let’s lookout for each other and be a light of hope to those who may be struggling in this time of sabbath.  Bless others and be bless.

#TobyMac – One World

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