Wednesday, September 2, 2020

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  Last April we purchased a 2008 two door Jeep Wrangler.  With the plan in mind to sell our motorcycle, we wanted a vehicle that could still provide us with our much desired wind therapy.  It’s been a lot of fun so far driving around our local area, but last Hump Day we headed out for our first adventure with it…The Old Dixie Highway.  Now, the Old Dixie Highway runs from Michigan to Florida, so we chose to make the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana swing.  We started in Dayton, OH following Dixie Highway along the Eastern side (the thumb) of MI, for the most part working around the finger tips, headed down the western side (the pinky side), down into Indiana, then headed east back home.  As you can tell by the picture of the map and my description, it’s like an outline of a wrist and hand, which is why the Lower Peninsula of MI is appropriately nicknamed “The Mitt”. 

With no real overnight stopping points in mind, we drove until we were ready to stop.  We were just enjoying the transition from big city to small town to not a town for miles.  We even found ourselves driving on dirt roads.  Yes, MI still has quite a few dirt roads.  Some roads were smooth, dotted with pot holes, dusty, and some were even closed, causing us to take a few detours.  On our second day, as we were just about to the tip of the index finger, I was thinking about the roads we’d already traveled and those still ahead, and it just seemed strange that we had no real destination in mind.  We were just cruising along the road.  It was at that point God said to me…”The journey IS the destination.”  I thought “WOW, that is so true.  Our beginning point is our end point.  The journey IS the destination.”  But of course, God wasn’t just talking about this drive.  He was using this Old Dixie Highway Mitt Trip to explain life to me.  Our starting point, before we are even conceived, is with the Lord, then we spend our whole journey we call life, traveling along from big city to small town, to no town for miles, working our way back to the very place we started.  Back into the palm of His hand.  During the moments of silence as Brian and I sat side by side on our Jeep Adventure journey, God and I had some good conversations.  Maybe one of these days I’ll actually write a book about it.  Think about your journey.  Where are you right now?  Are you in the hustle and bustle of big city life?  Are you on the dusty dirt road?  Are you doing some front porch sitting in the country?  Are you caught in the rain with the top down?  Or maybe you find yourself cruising down Easy Street.  Enjoy your destination as each day draws you closer, back to the palm of His hand.  Bless others and be blessed.

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