Wednesday, November 4, 2020

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you. Typically I save money that I receive for my birthday for something big, that hasn’t quite presented itself yet, but this year I used some of my birthday money and bought myself something that I’m pretty excited about. Yes, it’s something I already have and actually have multiples of in different versions. I do have a favorite version, but lately I’ve been missing something. Actually, what I bought is just a part of the whole. Lately I’ve been in a solemn mood. Maybe it’s the shorter days, our kitchen remodel coming to an end, turning another year older, or maybe planning to have all our kids and their families together for the first time ever this Thanksgiving, but seeing those plans drift apart. It all just feels like a very strange season of changes that is drawing me to find deeper meaning. Have you figured out what I bought? It’s the Word on Fire Bible Volume 1, which is the New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition of the four Gospels. But it’s not just the Gospels. It’s commentary from early Christian theologians and more recent saints. It’s digging into some of the original Greek New Testament text and incredible artwork from throughout the centuries. It’s thicker pages and single column text. All these features are great and for me a new book gives me a feeling of great possibilities, but in the end it’s just a book, words on a page until you bring it to life. The life you bring is your heart, attitude, willingness, time, desire, curiosity, open mindedness and faith in what the Lord is handing over to you to bring forth to new life. So yes, I’m pretty excited about this journey I’m beginning and what He is taking this season to prepare me for. I pray that I stay committed and focused in order find and soak up the wisdom and compassion He’s leading me to, in order to assist others with their journeys back to Him, which is also my prayer for you. Bless others and be blessed.


#TheBelongingCo – Just Want You

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