Wednesday, June 30, 2021

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  This week, a friend shared with me, “I don’t read the Bible as much as I should.”  “I feel more and more drawn to Christ each time I start reading.  Why I hesitate at times, I do not know why.”  Why do you feel more drawn to Christ when you start reading the Bible?  Because the Word is Christ and Christ is life.  Actually, not just life, but life worth living.  Hesitations are the call of Satan trying to destroy and snuff out the light and life of Christ within you. 

“Count not death by your erring way of life, nor draw to yourselves destruction by the works of your hands.  Because God did not make death, nor does he rejoice in the destruction of the living.  For God formed man to be imperishable; the image of His own nature He made him.” – Wisdom 1:12-13 & 2:23

Every single moment you choose to focus your desires on the blessings of the Lord, you breathe in a lifegiving moment.  God formed you to be imperishable as He Himself is.  Although we often choose life draining, self-destructive options in our lives, that doesn’t mean we should purposely test the limits.  Another friend told me Tuesday, “I trust God, but doubt myself.”  A little self-doubt may not seem like much, but those constant digs we take at ourselves can and will form a shadow of darkness over your life.  At times we even become blind to the darkness, until we once again decide to choose Him.  Read His word.  Seek His wisdom.  Allow your eyes and ears to be open to Him in those around you.  Feed your thirsting soul and move your moments from death to life.   

Bless others and be blessed. 

If the Lord has touched you in some way with His message today, I ask that you pay it forward by sharing this message, so that you and He may also bless others.  Click subscript to receive your message every Wednesday.

#ForKingAndCountry – Amen

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