Wednesday, August 4, 2021

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  Last Thursday evening Brian and I were taking our evening walk and the sunset really caught my attention, so I stopped to take a picture.  It’s pretty cool how the sun is peeking around the cloud.  I stopped to look at the picture I had just taken and realized the meaning of this picture wasn’t in the sun and cloud.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the lake.  I showed Brian and said, “The Son divides the dark and the light.”  Without even a slight pause, Brian said “No, the Son unites the dark and the light.”  🎤 Drop

Bless others and be blessed. 

If the Lord has touched you in some way with His message today, I ask that you pay it forward by sharing this message, so that you and He may also bless others.  Click subscript to receive your message every Wednesday.

# MaverickCityMusic – Rest on Us

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