Wednesday, October 13, 2021

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  Tuesday evening I sat down, opened my computer to write today’s message, and started to search for the music video I wanted to share, when I heard a distress call from the kitchen.  I quickly went downstairs to find Brian holding his hand wrapped in bloody paper towels and blood all over the sink.  Brian broke a glass coffee pot while doing the dishes and accidentally cut himself.  So off to the emergency room we went.  Thank God it turned out to be more blood than cut. 

I had planned on sharing with you how this past week I had really come to recognize how many different hands are actually involved in our home planning/building project. We haven’t even broken ground yet and we’re working with the general contractor to coordinate the timing of the material purchases, all the subcontractors, building design company, interior architect, county zoning, county engineer, and so on. I’ve really gained a new appreciation for the multitude of decisions, coordination, and people that have to come together for a common goal.

I saw this same type of teamwork in action at the ER. There were at least seven medical staff members that I saw helping us and I know there were others I didn’t see. It truly is amazing the network of people God has put into motion to help and serve one another. He has been doing this from the creation of man. God recognize man wasn’t meant to be alone, so He created all the living creators and let man name each one. He then created woman, who was a much more suitable partner for man. Throughout history, God has given us prominent members of His Family to speak His wisdom to us. And He has also given us every day Family members to impart His wisdom. Have you ever suggested something to your spouse, only to have your suggestion ignored? But then one of your spouse’s friends makes the same suggestion and all of the sudden it’s a brilliant idea. I used to take it personally when that would happen to me, thinking he did want to do it just because I suggested it. It took years to realize it’s really not about me. Sometimes we just need to hear the same thought multiple times from different people, before it really sinks in. That same thought process plays a big role in developing our faith life and relationship with the Lord. He has placed a multitude of priests, prophets, and angels in your life to bringing you the message of His love, grace, and salvation. He will continue to bring many hands and voices into your life to show you at every turn, how much He cares for you. He loves you beyond words and doesn’t want you to go a minute in your life not knowing His love. He didn’t just willy nilly create you. He put great thought into every aspect of you and your life and how your life will cross paths with every single person you interact with from the moment of your conception to your death and eternal life with Him. You are important and have a place in His heavenly choir. May you be the song that lifts a life today.

Bless others and be blessed.

If the Lord has touched you in some way with His message today, I ask that you pay it forward by sharing this message, so that you and He may also bless others.  Click subscript to receive your message every Wednesday.

#CelticThunder – A Place in the Choir

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