Wednesday, December 8, 2021

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace and presence be with you.  This past weekend Brian and I met up with folks that I knew from back in my Air Force days.  It was kind of appropriate that we spent the day at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.  It is an incredible experience.  Near the end of our time at the museum, a very sobering and humbling feeling came over me.  It is amazing how many lives have been affected because of those planes and other equipment and items we had the pleasure to explore that day.  I’m sure when the Wright brothers were tinkering around in their bicycle shop all those years ago, they didn’t know it would lead to the future development of supersonic aircrafts and space shuttles.  Along the way, there were MANY random, unrelated events that brought about the perfect coordination of future events. 

Each and every one of our lives is one random coordination of action after another.  John was some crazy guy in the desert eating locust and wild honey, but yet he baptized Jesus and set into motion our own baptism.  Mary “forced” Jesus into performing His first public miracle before He thought it was His time, which put into motion more healings and miracles than Jesus would have accomplished if left to His own timing.  What’s the deal with a virgin becoming pregnant by the Holy Spirit; her fiancé wanting to divorce her, but after being visited by an angel, committed to marrying her; heading on a cross country donkey journey to be counted, while unbeknownst to them shepherds and wisemen were being drawn to their destination; at the same time a jealous king plots the slaughter of many innocent lives, to try to prevent losing his thrown; and all of this to leads to the crucifixion of a spotless lamb, to save my soul and your soul.  If that’s not random coordination, then I don’t know what is. 

Now, it’s easy to spot these random coordinations in a book and stories we’ve heard so many times, but what about your life?  Are you connecting the dots and acknowledging the random coordination in your life?  The cool thing is, just like in Jesus’ journey all those years ago, the random coordinations in your life today are all about leading you to Christ and the salvation He died for you to have.  Take some time to review just a small segment of your life, maybe 6-12 months and be amazed at the random coordination He has going on.  Then, take a moment to talk with God and thank Him for all those many disguised blessings in your life and His willingness to die to offer you such incredible grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love. 

Bless others and be blessed.

If the Lord has touched you in some way with His message today, I ask that you pay it forward by sharing this message, so that you and He may also bless others.  Click subscript to receive your message every Wednesday.

#TashaLayton – Look What You’ve Done


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