Wednesday, January 12, 2022

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace and presence be with you.  In your baptism you are filled with the Holy Spirit.  The “Big H.S.” as I like to call Him.  He is our helper, guide, and constant companion.  For some, you chose this at your baptism.  For others, like me, I was too young to make that choice, but it’s by far been the greatest gift my parents could have given me.  Upon receiving this gift, we are empowered and called upon to prepare the way, so that every single person has the opportunity to experience the sacrifice, forgiveness, peace, and love that Christ wants each of us to know, understand, and accept in the depths of our spirit.  He trusts your “Yes” and commissions you to be His assistant.  To speak and act with confidence, power, and authority.

Your commission in Christ is really mind blowing.  You are given this awesome opportunity to allow Him to live within you and be a part of your every thought, action, and inaction.  That’s huge and can be scarry at times.  Have you ever heard of the concept of six degrees of separation?  If not, essentially, it’s the idea that all people are six or fewer social connections away from each other.  I think of it slightly differently.  God is our Creator, you, me, everyone.  Christ is our Savior for you, me, everyone.  The Holy Spirit is our earthly guide for you, me, everyone.  First of all, if I know one of them, I know them all.  Second, if I know them, then through them I know everyone else.  Seek the Godly qualities in others and you will never fail to see your friend and the light of Christ shine through them. 

I imagine some of you may be thinking this is a pie in the sky kind of thought process, but it’s us humans, with Satan’s promptings and trickery that create division, not God.  God created us with the ability to live in harmony, but we choose to see differently.  Allow your commission to open every aspect of your being to the clarity He can provide. 

To quote Joe Black in the movie Meet Joe Black, “Now, multiply that by infinity, take that to the depths of forever, and you still barely have a glimpse of what I’m talking about.”  With God, you will do amazing things.  Will you say “Yes” to Him?


#Cain-The Commission

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