Wednesday, October 12, 2022

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace and presence be with you.  A couple weekends ago I took some time off work to spend a long weekend with a group of ladies, in a log cabin, at Friends Camp 2022.  It was definitely the break I needed from my job.  When we had a full team at work, I would get up 2 ½ hours before my start time, so that I could shower and get ready for the day, walk two miles, listen to the daily Mass readings and homily, read my daily devotionals, and eat breakfast before starting work.  For the past 3-4 months (I’ve lost count) I’ve been getting up 30 minutes earlier than I was before.  I take 45 minutes to get myself ready for the day and then I start work.  I haven’t been walking, listening to the Mass readings and homilies, reading my devotionals, or eating breakfast.

During Friends Camp we have morning and evening devotionals and as I listened to each of the ladies share their devotional, I thought to myself…”Man, I’m missing that in my life.  I’m missing that connection with God.  I miss my Friend.”  All this overtime is taking a toll on me spiritually and physically.  By not being in God’s word like I used to be, I’ve been allowing myself to become someone I don’t want to be.  I’m irritable, grumpy, disconnected, brain dead at the end of the work day, short tempered with people.  I don’t like that version of me and that’s not where I want to stay. 

So, here’s the thing.  It all comes down to me and MY choices.  No one else is to blame.  The overtime isn’t to blame.  So, what’s more important to me?  Which Shelly do I want to be?  Which Shelly do I know God wants me to be?  Now, what am I going to do about it?  I could make excuses, blame it on the overtime, and keep doing what I’ve been doing for the past 3-4 months.  Or I can adjust my routine, go to bed a little earlier, so I can get up a little earlier, and make sure I make the time to do what’s important to and for me. 

When I returned from Friends Camp, I made some slight adjustments and I started feeling better about myself.  There was some improvement, but not enough.  I know there are still more adjustments I need to make. 

If this sounds like a familiar season, take a step back and look at the person you are today.  Are you who you want to be?  Are you doing what you need to, to be the best you for God?  Give yourself some of that amazing grace that God offers us.  Evaluate where your life could use some adjustments.  Take the rearview mirror off.  Keep moving forward closer to God, reaching out for your greatest Friend. 

Lord, thank you for never letting go of me.

Bless others and be blessed.

Shelly  :0)

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