Wednesday, August 15, 2018


😎🐫🎀 Over the past few months I’ve experienced a shift.  God has been opening doors to bringing people into my life and it feels as though He’s preparing me for a season of growth.  I started asking Him a month ago what He’s planning. Why is He building up this community of believers in my life?  But I haven’t heard His response yet. Which tells, me that all the pieces aren’t in place yet and obviously I’m not ready to hear what He has planned. So, although I’m not hearing the answers to the questions I’m asking, I’m still listening for His guiding words and how these new relationships are going to play out. Where should I follow?  How should I lead?  I’m excited, but at the same time quietly curious, and even more so, confident that God’s plan is a mighty one.  No matter what season of life you’re in, be open to the Lord’s words and where He will lead you. He will never fail you. I want to have a little fun with the song this morning, so I hope you enjoy this movie throwback as much as I do. Bless others and be blessed. 

#LadySoul – If My Sister’s in Trouble

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