Wednesday, August 22, 2018

😎🐫🎤 As I was walking on Sunday, I was reminded of a poster my oldest sister had hanging in her room during our high school years. It was a picture of Snoopy (my favorite cartoon character) with shorts and a sweatband, jogging in the distance. The quote read “The secret of life is looking good from a distance.”  Think about that for a moment.  It’s easy to make yourself look good from a distance. When we choose to keep people and relationships at arm’s length, we prevent them from seeing the not so pretty side of us, the mood swing highs and lows, the scars from our past, our insecurities. If you ask me, it takes courage to get out from behind the phone and social media and have real one on one relationships.  Although letting your guard down can be a very scary thing, that makes you second guess yourself, it can also bring you great peace and calm knowing that you don’t have to hide the real you.  Just as God pursues an open, honest, loving relationship with us, be open to pursuing deep rooted relationships, which open doors for blessings God has waiting for you.  These relationships shouldn’t be left to chance, so pray for God’s guidance, wisdom, and blessing upon your relationships.  If you travel this life with just a hand full of true friends, you will be blessed beyond measure. Bless others and be blessed. 

#RendCollective – Counting Every Blessing

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