Wednesday, December 20, 2017

😎🐫🎀 As I was asking the Lord for His words for today’s message, the last Wednesday before Christmas, I expected something profound about Him and His birth. What He said was, “Mary did you know?” Β He went on to share with me how much Christmas is about us trusting in Him and having the courage to say “YES” to Him when He whispers in our ears. Those that we hear about during the Christmas season are Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist, the shepherd, and the wise men. They each have a very unique situation and experience with God and they all said, let your will be done. Β I don’t want to make this too long, so take some time between now and Monday to consider each of their situations and how the different parts of your life coincide with their journeys to Christ. How is God reaching out to you through them? Β What is He showing you and asking of you? Β Will you say yes, thy will be done? Β When we accept Christ at Christmas and every day of our lives, we are saying yes to the love, grace, growth, peace, challenges, and forgiveness that He has to offer us. Bless others and be blessed. Merry Christmas!

#Pentatonix – Mary, Did You Know?

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