Wednesday, January 3, 2018

😎🐫🎀 One of my favorite things to do is smell a new book. To me, the smell of a book has come to signify opportunity to learn, grow, be a better person, and pass that knowledge along. A brand new notebook, well it’s not the best smelling book, but oh the possibilities. Growing up, I always pressed really hard when I wrote, so I left imprints on the next 2 or 3 pages and it wouldn’t take long before the pages would no longer lay flat. It’s like the pages grew and my notebook got fatter. I would find myself yearning for a new notebook just so I could have a fresh start. Well, welcome to your fresh start for 2018. Β A lot of people have such high expectations and hopes for the start of a new year, but Dec 31st can seem so far away. Life starts pressing in and leaving its mark a few pages deep. Like the notebook, your life isn’t as crisp, clean cut or lying flat anymore. Maybe your life gets fatter like my notebook. (No, I didn’t just call you fat.) Β You can’t just start a new year like you can grab a new notebook. Β What I’ve found to be the equivalent of a new notebook in my year is my attitude. Every morning you wake up with a new start and you can choose to grab that old attitude or start with a fresh, clean, crisp attitude. Our Father gave us the power of love so that we could be fearless. You are loved and there is no better way to show that love than through your actions and words. Don’t be afraid of what folks may say about you. Be fearless and live as only God knows you truly can. You know I’m dancin’ around during this song. Let loose and dance like no one is watching. It just may bring a smile to your day. Bless others and be blessed.Β 

#JasmineMurray – Fearless

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