Wednesday, September 12, 2018

😎🐫🎀 Something must die within us to allow new life in the Lord to spring forth from us. That’s what this log reminded me of.

I’m sure this tree stood for many years digging its roots in the soil as it searched for life giving water. Stretching its branches wide and toward the heavens, fighting to catch rays of sunlight. I imagine it was a display of God’s beauty and presence. Β As seasons passed, temperatures changed, and bugs crept in, this tree became weary and weathered, to the point of death. Our lives are the same. With our roots planted in His Word and our arms lifted high reaching for the Sonshine, we experience passing seasons of joy, pain, growth, and dormancy. Our temperatures and attitudes chance with the passing of those seasons. And yes…those pesky bugs creep into our lives, eating us up from the inside out, to weaken us and tear us down. You may know them as fear, jealousy, rejection, anxiety, pride, depression, and so on. When we believe in and accept God’s awesome gifts of unconditional love, grace, and His friendship, we allow His new life within us to spring forth. New life will replace the dead and dying. But this won’t happen on its own. You must be willing to make changes, get out of your comfort zone, and fully accept the gifts you’ve been give from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Unless you unwrap your gift, you will never know what lies within the neatly wrapped box. Bless others and be blessed.Β 

#Bonray – Inside Out

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