Wednesday, September 19, 2018

😎🐫🎤 As I was reflecting on this past week, looking for God’s presence, I wandered off thinking about the events of this weekend.  Brian and I were able to work together on a house project that we’ve been putting off for a couple years. Working on this project reminded me how well we work together. How good it feels to work side by side with my best friend.  And how much more we can accomplish together.  God said “Exactly.  Think about how well WE work together. How good it feels when WE work side by side. And how much WE can accomplish together.”  I’m not sure why or how it really happened, but this week I allowed myself to become a little distant from God.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I stopped to really focus on His presence that I realized how much I missed Him this past week.  As we share God and serve others in His name, we are pouring from our spiritual cup. If we don’t continue to refill our spiritual cup, it won’t take long before we’re feeling drained and running on empty.  We are made to first fill our cups with a loving relationship with our Lord and then serve others from our overflow.  Fill it to the rim with Him!  LOL That should be a tee shirt quote.  Bless others and be blessed. 

#KariJobe – The More I Seek You

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