Wednesday, November 13, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  1 Samuel 9: Kish’s donkeys were lost, so he sent his son Saul and one of their servants searching high and low throughout the country looking for these donkeys. Saul was getting discouraged with not finding them and was ready to head home.  But his servant wasn’t ready to give up. He even suggested going to see Samuel, a man of God, for guidance in finding the donkeys.  Those must have been some important donkeys.  Saul wasn’t sold on the idea, being that he didn’t have anything to offer this man of God. The servant then offered his own silver to bring as a gift in exchange for guidance on “…what way to take.”  Interesting that they wanted to ask “what way to take”, not where the donkeys were. Saul agreed and they headed to town to find this man of God. Unbeknownst to Saul, God already told Samuel the day before to be expecting Saul and anoint him king over Israel.  When they meet, Samuel invited Saul to be his guest of honor for dinner and told him that in the morning he would tell him “…all that is in your heart.”  Oh, and by the way, the donkeys that had been lost for three days have been found. Interesting fact, Saul was from the smallest tribe of Israel, Benjamin, and the smallest clan within the tribe of Benjamin. So, Saul was from the least of the least of Israel. 

I read this chapter last Thursday night and Friday morning, lying in bed awake waiting for the alarm to go off, God had me literally laughing out loud. He had Saul searching for jackasses for three days, just to bring him to the place that God wanted to meet him.  Part of what made this so funny was that back in February when Brian and I made a road trip to an area in Tennessee that had quite a few farms, something we noticed was that every farm we passed had at least one donkey standing in the field. It kind of became a joke with us…Every family has at least one jackass in it.  Even now, it still makes me laugh.  I’m sure we all have those times in life that feel like all we’re doing is chasing after lost donkeys. But something I found interesting about this story was the importance of the sidekick, the supporting actor.  Saul was tired of searching and was ready to cut his journey short and head home, but it was his travel companion, the supporting actor that encouraged him to seek God’s wisdom before giving up the search. He even offered his own silver in order to encourage Saul along the path chosen specifically for him, by and for the Lord.  If Saul was from the least of the least, then I guess that makes his servant the least of the least, of the least.  We aren’t all meant to play the leading role, but that doesn’t make us any less important.  Take some time to think about those supporting actors in your life, the obvious and the not so obvious ones. How is God really using them to help you along your journey and moving forward toward what He has anointed you for?  Do you believe that?  He has anointed you!  You are His child that He loves very dearly.  Bless others and be blessed. 

#Needtobreath – Won’t Turn Back

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