Wednesday, November 6, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you. Saturday at Mass our gospel ready was about Zacchaeus, Luke 19:1-10.  Jesus was heading into Jericho and like with many celebrity, people lined the streets just trying to catch a glimpse of this man so many have been talking about.  Now Zacchaeus wasn’t just a tax collector, but the chief tax collector, so probably not on too many people’s friend list.  Being on the shorter side of life, Zacchaeus was challenged trying to see through the crowd as he searched for Christ.  I imagine some folks in the crowd may have taken advantage of this situation to get Zacchaeus back, by purposely blocking him, pushing him back, or holding him down, for all the times he and the other tax collectors cheated them. But Zacchaeus was persistent. If he couldn’t make his way through the crowd, he’d out smart them all and get a bird’s eye view above them, from a tree. There was a very different perspective from the tree compared to ground level, flying elbows, and bodies all around. It can be downright tough in the trenches of life. Many times people are quick to judge us on our past, without even considering any possibility of growth and change.  Yep, that crowd was rather surprised and I’m guessing some were even jealous when Christ chose Zacchaeus to share a meal with Him that night.  What a life changing moment indeed.  We’re given many opportunities to persevere through the trenches of life, seeking and reaching for the tree that will provide us a resting place with a clear line of sight upon the Lord.  Persevere and strive through the flying elbows of the crowds. Persevere and rise above the noise of the crowds and listen for the Lord calling your name.  Persevere and rejoice in His mighty, loving, comforting presence. Bless others and be blessed. 

#DannyGokey – Finish Strong

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