Wednesday, October 2, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you. As I sat on my front porch swing contemplating today’s message, I noticed a squirrel crossing the road dodging left and right with indecision, for fear of the oncoming car. Seconds later the driver continued on his journey, probably without a clue that he just changed the squirrel’s life.  Appearing to have both back legs broken, the little guy drug himself out of the road to the nearest yard.  Sometimes life can feel like this squirrel’s experience, fear and indecision paralyzing us from making a clear and conscience choice. Fear of speaking about Christ and our relationship with the Him due to indecision about what to say, when to speak it, and whom to speak it with…and of course that fear of what will that person think of me.  It can all be very paralyzing, and trust me, I know very well about that fear and indecision. But the thing is, a little fear and indecision about speaking His life into others is nothing compared to the consequences of that person never hearing about Christ, what He has done for them and you, and how you have a living, interactive relationship with Him.  Growing into a relationship with the Lord doesn’t come from hearing or experiencing Him one time. It takes multiple touches. Could you even come close to naming every person that has affected your spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord?  I doubt it. Not that I’m doubting your memory, but the thing is, God moves and works through our lives more than we know.  But it doesn’t stop there because He then moves in and through you to touch lives of others through your words and actions. In my experience, showing His love is so much easier and less paralyzing than speaking His love. What if I quote scripture wrong?  What if it comes across as sounding rehearsed?  What if it comes across sounding insincere?  It just doesn’t feel natural.  Does this sound familiar to you or is it just me? Like the driver, you may never know the difference a few seconds will make in a life. It literally can mean the difference between eternal life and death.  It may seem awkward and uncomfortable to start, but your confidence will grow with practice.  Every life matters, which is why Christ is counting on you.  So, count on Him to prepare you for your opportunities ahead.  Bless others and be blessed.

#DannyGokey – Tell Somebody

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