Wednesday, October 9, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you. This past weekend I spent a few days with 16 ladies “camping” in a lodge. There was a campfire, so it was officially camping. Saturday we headed to Markin Farms to go ziplining where quite a few of us faced and overcame some fears. As we were reading and signing our waivers, this stress headache started to build. As we were going through our training and the importance of ALWAYS having at least one, if not both of our clips fastened to our safety lines, my hands were shaking. This was supposed to be fun, right?  Practice was over, time to climb the first tree and “zip away”.  I made the mistake of standing at the edge of that first platform and looked down. Nope shouldn’t have done that. Diana went first, then I was up next. All clipped on, I got the go ahead to “zip away”. Not once during all the lines and bridges did I ever have the fear of falling, which was very surprising to me. Why was that? Maybe it was because I was always clipped onto my safety line. Maybe it was because I felt the strength of those with me. Maybe it was because we had a team of experienced zipliners leading the way.  In your walk with the Lord, do you always have at least one of your clips securely attached to Christ, your safety line?  Are you surrounding yourself with friends that radiate the Lord’s strength and courage?  Are you seeking the wisdom and knowledge of those that have gone before you, before you place all of the weight of your body onto that line and “zip away”?  There’s never been a moment that the Lord has not carried you, but you need to be intentional about reaching out and grabbing His hands, His safety lines. And as others are zipping by and reaching out, don’t hold back. Reach for them, sharing your wisdom and knowledge, and allow your life to become a life line for Him to work through.  Bless others and be blessed. 

#MichaTyler – Never Been a Moment

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