Wednesday, September 11, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you. Physical touch is such an important aspect in our lives. I believe that sense of touch and desire/longing for touch starts in the womb.  I remember when I was pregnant, how the girls would stretch a hand or foot out and I would put my hand on my belly so I could feel them and they could feel me. There are studies that show human touch helps babies develop physically, emotionally, and socially. I heard a clip on the radio last week about how preemies don’t get as much touch time, so some hospitals have volunteers help hold the preemies to encourage development. That particular program was called Touch Buddies, but I’ve heard it called different things at different hospitals. Touch isn’t just important at the beginning of our life journey, it’s a very important aspect right up through our last breath.  About 10 years ago, a single friend of mine was telling me how much she missed that sense of touch and what it meant to her. From that day forward, every time I see her, I make sure to give her a hug. In my own life and marriage, it’s interesting to see how a lack of touch builds tension, but a single genuine touch can melt that tension away.  Although when our kids get to those middle school years and higher, they don’t want or feel they need that touch, they still do. Don’t back away, keep them engaged.  As much as human touch is important to our development, contact with the Lord is even more important for our physical, emotional, and social development.  His touch has an incredible healing power. For one woman, touching the hem of His garment, combined with her deep faith in Him healed her. That is a powerful touch and there is truly a peace that comes with being in His presence.  I imagine you’re saying right now, “We’ll that was great when He was alive, roaming the earth.”  But the truth is, He’s still here and you can feel His mighty presence and touch. There has been two places in particular in my life that if I wanted/needed to feel His presence, I would jump in the car and drive to Him. We can also experience His loving and healing touch through others. But He is also using you to be His loving and healing touch to others.  Take a few moments today to contemplate the importance of touch in your life and how you can share His presence with others.  Bless others and be blessed. 

#CastingCrowns – Jesus Hold Me Know

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