Wednesday, September 4, 2019

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you. Wow, can you believe it’s September already?  Where has this year gone?  Reflecting on the past eight months it’s interesting to see the changes and comings and goings of relationships in my life. Thinking about relationships that were in my life on January 1st, I couldn’t have predicted some that have dwindled, others that have entered, and still others that have grown by leaps and bounds. And then there are those steady and true, built on solid rock relationships that I never want to take for granted. One of the biggest friendship challenges for me is seeing a friend hurting. Seeing a loved one in pain makes me mad and feel a sense of helplessness. I just want to hold them with all my might and make their pain go away. But at the same time, I know the Lord is working through them in these seasons.  I may not be able to take their pain away or fix the situation, but as a friend I can be a listen ear and His loving presence and comfort for those willing to accept it.  But they have to be willing to accept it. Those times of pain, darkness, and confusion are when we need our friends the most, although those are to easiest times to draw inward, hide, and embrace the darkness. Allow your friends to love you through the challenges of life and keep you in the Light.  It’s so much easier to see and prepare for what lies ahead when you’re standing in the Light, compared with tripping, fumbling, and being blindsided in the dark. Bless others and be blessed. 

#Crowder – Let it Rain

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