Wednesday, August 12, 2020

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  In the fall of 2011 Brian and I woke up one morning and decided to drive to Michigan.  About 2 ½ hours into the drive, shortly after crossing the boarding from Ohio to Michigan, Brian received a call asking him if he would be interested in interviewing for a position that was located in Michigan.  That afternoon we purchased a dress shirt so that he would have something to wear to his interview the following day.  That interview turned into a job offer that in a matter of 6, maybe 7 weeks moved us from our home, family, and friends to an apartment in a city we didn’t know or know anyone.  It was just over two years of intense growth, some intense arguments, and what in the moment seemed not very enjoyable.  I’m someone that enjoys and I feel thrives in routine and comfort.  There’s a part of me that can be a risk taker, but for the most part I’m good with same old, same old.  Flash forward to last Wednesday.  We were on the road once again traveling to Michigan, when Brian once again receives a call offering him a job that will put a gap in our lives.  Currently Brian and I work at the same place, although we don’t work in the same areas, but we ride to work together and walk almost every day with each other at lunch.  We currently only have a 7 minute drive to work, but his will soon change.  I would have to say that probably my greatest pleasure is spending time with family and friends.  I know this will be a transition and another time of growth as was our time when we moved to Michigan, but there will surely be a part of me that misses my best friend.  I know I need to listen and be open to what the Lord is offering us and be willing to walk through the doors He opens.  Even when the opportunities He offers us seem to be a challenge and a bit scary at times, I know a few things for a fact: 1) His relationship with us is about loving us, not harming us.  2) He will never give us anything that we and Him couldn’t weather together.  3) If we don’t accept His gifts, we will never become all that He intends for us.  I also know that He is always that quiet whisper in the blowing storms of life, that will never leave you alone.  He is peace.  The peace we all long for.  Yes, even you, the one that’s saying “I’m good.  I’ve got this.”  He is the peace you long for.  Bless others and be blessed. 

#HopeDarst – Peace Be Still

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