Wednesday, August 19, 2020

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  I had to smile Monday morning when a coworker stopped by my office to say “Hi”.  She turned to leave, then came back and said “De Colores”.  If you are not familiar with greeting someone with “De Colores” then that tells me you’ve probably not experienced the Walk to Emmaus weekend experience.  But for all those of you that have, I would guess just hearing De Colores brought a smile to your face and some wonderful memories to mind.  It brings a feeling of family and can lighten a room.  I’ve known this coworker for about 1 ½ years and that simple greeting was like uncovering a precious stone that was just below the surface.  I took my Emmaus Walk in 2011 and she took her Walk just a couple years ago.  It’s amazing but not surprising how God will use a separate, but shared experience to draw us together.  I didn’t go into my Emmaus Walk weekend looking for friendships, but I would say that was my greatest take away, my friendship with the Lord.  Father, Son and Spirit.  I can only speak for myself, but you may have had the same experience.  Just like Monday, hearing her say De Colores brought an immediate feeling of friendship and I believe that was the Lord’s presence within her that brought forth that feeling.  De Colores…That was the Lord saying “I’m thinking of you Shelly.”  “I’m right here with you.”  “I love you Shelly.”  “We’ve got this.”  What a great feeling of comfort He brings when we least expect.  The Lord moves in mighty ways.  Sometimes those ways will be majestic, but the majority of the time He’s in the ordinary of everyday life.  We just need to open ourselves to be willing to accept Him.  If you’re interested in taking another step in your relationship with the Lord by experiencing your Walk to Emmaus weekend, contact me.  I’m more than happy to share with you what the weekend is all about and answer all of your questions.  By the way, De Colores is also a song, a Spanish song which means of color.  The words of the song are an expression of joy and a celebration of all creation with its many bright colors.  It expresses the joy of living and exalts the beauties of creation.  This song has a crazy amount of verses, so I’ll just give you a sample.  Also, I wasn’t able to find a video in English, so I hope you enjoy this song in its native language.

#JoanBaez – De Colores

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