Wednesday, December 23, 2020

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  Woot Woot!  It’s my last workday before Christmas break.  I’m looking forward to four days away from the office, but more importantly I’m excited for Christmas.  No, not because of the gift exchanges or holiday food or time with family.  Yes, these are all fun and enjoyable things and time well spent, but what I’m most excited for is the impossible.  Back in 2012 when we moved to Michigan, Brian and I said we should write down all the God moments, everything He did and orchestrated to carry us through those two years.  There were so many moments that we recognized as God moments and I’m sure countless moments that we didn’t quite recognize as God moments, but none the less were.  We never took the time to write them all down and although the major moments are still fresh in our minds, most of those God moments are faint memories and some have been long forgotten.

It’s just crazy to think of everything that God pieced together, working around all of our human selfishness, errors, misdeeds, etc. to bring His Son into our lives.  Not for His sake, but for ours.  I mean, we’re talking thousands of years here.  Quite a few of us have a hard time committing to something that will last one month, let alone one year, but none the less, He’s patient and willing to work with our commitment issues.  We’ll crack the door open a little to let Him peek His head in and get a look, but then we’re quick to slam the door shut before He gets too good a look at who we feel we really are.  The thing is, He sees way beyond who we think we are, to the person He knows that we are.  Sometimes that can be a very convicting feeling, but also one of freedom to pull the mask off and freely be His child. 

Last Saturday at Mass and elderly parishioner had some type of health issue and medics were called.  Until we heard the walkie talkies, a good majority of us didn’t even know there was a situation going on.  Praying the Mass continued on, seemingly as if nothing was happening.  A part of me was sad about this.  I thought, we have been given a beautiful opportunity to come together as a community of believers in Christ, extend our hands over her and pray for her comfort, Christ’s peace, for those that were seeing to her needs, for the family member that was with her and for healing, but it didn’t happen.  Although I prayed silently for these things (as I’m sure others did), I didn’t have enough courage to pray them out loud.  Looking back, if it was me needing the medical assistance, I would want to hear those around me asking God to be with me and help me through this trial.  I know, prayers don’t need to be audible for God to hear them, but sometimes we need to hear them.  Monday evening I sent a prayer text message to a friend as she was trying to work through a task.  I asked the Lord to place His words in her, so that she could put them on paper.  That He enlighten her to all He has allowed her to do and experience, that has prepared her for this moment in time.  Just about two hours later she replied “I must have received your prayer without reading your message!”.  Her response made me smile as God reminded me that even if the person doesn’t hear the prayer, it’s not going to stop Him from doing His part.  Our Lord is a god of possibilities.  Although we hold ourselves down, He wants to lift us up to all we are capable of.  Don’t hold back.  Let Him walk with you and guide you on your amazing journey. 

Quick reminder, at 6:00 PM on Christmas Eve step out of your home and ring bells for two minutes to welcome Christ into your home and your life.  Even if you aren’t at your own home, be bold for Christ.  Bless others and be blessed.

#IAmThey – No Impossible with You

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 23, 2020

  1. Dear Shelly, Thank you soooo much for your continued commitment to Christ! I Love reading your inspiring messages every week and always glen something from them. Your words & thoughts have been so Up Lifting in this upside down world of 2020. May God continue to inspire & lead you, Brian and your family into 2021! Praying for all of you to experience the Awesomeness of the birth of our Lord & Savior tonite, tomorrow and every day of your life!!! God’s Blessings from Barb & I❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful blessing Amy. Sharing moments with others while feeling God’s presence is such an incredible blessing. I’m humbled by your words and I’m looking forward to being able to share more God moments together in 2021. I ask the Lord to shine upon you and Barb a special peace filled Christmas season. That others experience His light radiating from within you and are drawn closer to Him. May you be His guiding light when others need Him most. Amen. :0)


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