Wednesday, December 30, 2020

😎🐫🎤 Christ’s peace be with you.  Happy New Year’s eve eve.  2021 is knocking at your door.  Will you answer?  Are you going to bust through the door into 2021?  Will you saunter over to the door?  Some have become very comfortable in their homes during 2020 and may not be too eager to open that door.  Pondering 2020 makes me think of dirt on a car.  I bet you weren’t expecting that.  The last vehicle I had was white and the dirt showed up dark against the white.  My current vehicle is a very dark blue and the dirt shows up light against the blue.  So, what is it?  Is the dirt dark or light?  2020 no matter how you look at it has been a year of change and change always brings with it a mix of dark and light, reluctance and empowerment, steadfast and progress.  I was speaking with a friend yesterday and she shared with me her Christmas family experience of Zoom Family Feud.  It sounded like fun and possibly a new family tradition.  Heck, think about how much money businesses are saving with their employees working from home.  Without such a forced experience, many businesses wouldn’t have even considered having all or the majority of their workforce based out of their homes.  Just like the robbery we experienced, sometimes God is going to allow events to flow to give us that kick in the pants we need to move us forward.  I’m really in awe of how God has showed up and shined through in 2020.  I encourage you to deflect your thoughts from the dirt of 2020 and experience the incredible blessings the Lord has given us.  This thought just came to mind.  I remember at the end of 2019 how people were saying we needed to get that “20/20 vision”.  They may or may not have known the depth of truth they were speaking.  We certainly got an eye full, haven’t we?  So, the question is, will you let 2020 vision blind you or will you see the blessings a little more clearly?  Bless others and be blessed.

#JordinSparks – This is My Now

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